“Well first off, I’m not just a Thrift ‘N’ Thrive employee. I’m a graduate of the Re:Center. So I would say I [started volunteering] volunteered to give back to what was so freely given to me.

When I walked into the Re:Center it was the 14th attempt at getting sober. I’ve been all over Louisville, KY from treatment center to mental health hospitals, and nothing worked. It wasn’t until Tyson Lott (Thank God for him) told me while, yes I had a drug and alcohol problem, it was my [lack of] connection with the Lord that was really standing in my way. My marriage was falling apart, my relationships with my children were getting worse and worse, and the woman who brought me into this world, my mother, I was not honoring her as the Word says we are to do. I don’t do much AA (not knocking anyone who does), but as the Big Book says everything was going to Pot. 

I would have never made it without Thursday night Chapel with David “PaPa” Walker, Tyson, Andrew, Brother Larry and the rest of the staff at the Re:Center. I found The Lord.

Everyone talks about how bad 2020 in the pandemic was. 2020 was the best year of my life. So why do I volunteer, to show others the Glory of the Lord.

To prove to the non-believer what his works can accomplish. To help someone else the way someone helped me.

In September of this year [2021], Ms Stephanie got a word from the Lord and [asked me to be] the assistant manager at Thrift n Thrive. Now on a daily basis I get to share my faith in the goodness of the Lord with our customers, with the guys from the center, and anyone else willing to listen to what the Lord has done for me. Look to Christ for there is nothing that he cannot accomplish.

 God Bless

                       Robert Betts

              (Thrift ‘N’ Thrive Assistant Manager and graduate of the Re:Center 1/5/21)

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