Homelessness by the numbers.

  • Louisville's Landscape

    At any given time, 1,059 people are experiencing homelessness. Of those, 11% are unsheltered and literally sleeping on the streets.

    There are 40 homeless families on the waiting list for emergency shelter on an average night.

    Of the homeless in 2017, 858 were ages 24 and under.

  • Southern Indiana's Landscape

    At any given time, 283 people are experiencing homelessness. Of those, 58% are unsheltered and literally sleeping on the streets.

  • Homelessness Demographics

    The majority of the homeless population— roughly two-thirds — are men.

    Among homeless families with children, women are most often the sole provider.

    With more than 138 years of experience under our belts, we know the root causes of homelessness are varied. It’s more than just not having a roof over your head. It’s childhood trauma, family breakdown, addiction, mental illness, joblessness, and health crises — just to name a few of the many causes.

The dark role of childhood trauma.

Among our LifeChange Program residents alone:

66% were subjected to some form of abuse or neglect.
50% had parents who separated or divorced.
40% had a family member who struggled with substance abuse.
10% were subjected to sexual abuse.

Utilizing scientific data from the Adverse Childhood Experience study, we know that the most common “ACE score” among our residents — a four out of a possible ten — makes residents twice as likely to be diagnosed with cancer, four times as likely to experience depression, seven times as likely to be an alcoholic, and twelve times as likely to commit suicide.

Bringing hope to our community.

As Christians, Re:Center Ministries has a duty to help the less fortunate in our community. We do this through rigorous gospel-centered programming, which helps prevent and respond to homelessness in Louisville and Southern Indiana.

How we help.

  • Prevention

    Those who are at risk of becoming homeless can reach out for help before a crisis hits. These services are available at our Southern Indiana campus.

  • Relief

    Adult women, including those with young children, who are homeless or just hurting can find dignified relief through the Drop-In Program at our Louisville campus.

  • Recovery

    Adult men who are homeless or hurting but who are desiring a transformed life can enroll in the LifeChange Program at our Louisville campus.