We help change hearts. Lives change as a result.

We find that true transformation starts with reconciling one’s relationship with Christ. This foundation enables us to prevent and respond to homelessness with a full continuum of care.

LifeChange Program

The LifeChange Program is an 18-month residential program consisting of three phases: Stability, Recovery, and Transition. This program serves men 18 or older who are committed to full engagement with each phase’s requirements.

Availability: Louisville campus

Biblical Counseling

We offer biblical counseling to at-risk individuals and families in need of a holistic perspective to address their physical, psychological, relational, and spiritual needs and assist parents in raising healthy children.

Availability: Southern Indiana Campus

Groups and Classes

For people in difficult situations, we offer an immersive experience within a Christian community to tackle addictions, teach career and personal finance skills, and prepare new parents to be successful parents.

Availability: Southern Indiana Campus

Drop-In Program

We serve women and their young children, giving them a place to come in from the elements and receive intentional spiritual care. We also provide them with a place to store their belongings, get their mail, do laundry, and clean up a bit.

Availability: Louisville Campus